Spiritual Focus


 In Focus: Imitate Their Faith

Last week we started a new book for our congregation Bible study called “Imitate their faith”. This book helps you to use your imagination; to take in the sights, sounds, scenes & circumstances of some very dynamic Bible accounts. Last week we covered the introduction & this week (10/26/15) we started the first chapter which talks about the faith of Abel. There was a point that was deeply  profound for me: Abel was the first man that put faith in God. He did so even though he did not have family support or positive association around him. This gave me a deep feeling of respect & love for Abel & a desire to imitate his record of faithfulness. To read, listen or download this book free of charge, click … Imitate Their Faith

 Articles & Videos That Encourage & Build Faith

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At http://www.jw.org/en you can download free Bible study publications that can help you find answers to life’s big questions. There are also wonderful tools for parents & couples, children & teenagers



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