Social Life

FriendsSpending time with close friends is refreshing to us. With all that goes on in life it is comforting to spend time with others who encourage you and build you up.

We all need cheer leaders & we should all be cheering each other on as well. We think spending time with the young ones in our lives is very important.


Here are several games and activities that always turn out to be a hit with the kids & here’s more ideas for entertaining.

Friends Photographing Themselves

 All girls – need down time with their girlfriends….check out these ideas for spending time with your girlfriends.

Couple DiningSometimes we need help to break out of our shell & learn to laugh more with our friends. Check out this page on small talk.


And for all those times you can’t figure out what gift to buy…check out these gift ideas.

More Articles

Personally, I have come to know the negative effects of living life as a people pleaser. It makes it to difficult to experience your best life & can at times make social situations harder than they should be. That’s why I wrote this article.

Since brain surgery in 2010 it has been an eye opener to see what happens to you in social settings if certain parts of your brain have been injured. That’s why I wrote this article to help me deal with sensory overload in social settings.


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