Outdoor Adventure


Outdoors is where it’s at for us! Manmade fun wears off so soon, but being outside is refreshing. Outdoor activities take a measure of strength & energy though so you have to make sure you feel well enough to really enjoy yourself. Thrill seeking sports is not our style though. We value the precious life Jehovah gave us, too much to put ourselves at risk. We enjoy hiking, kayaking, tubing, mild white water rafting & this year we are going to start fishing & bird watching. Picnicking is also nice & going to our favorite parks & wineries. Since our time is limited for these things I put this list together to point us in the right direction.


Mt Mitchell
South Mountain
Crowder’s Mountain

The Green River
The New River
Deep Creek Tubing in the Smokies

White Water Rafting
The New River
The Occoee River
The Nantahala River

Kayaking, Canoeing & Fishing
Badin Lake
Lake Tillery
Lake James
Julian Price Memorial – BRP
The White Water Center
Lake Murray
Charleston Area

Favorite Wineries
Shelton Vineyards
Raffaladini Vineyards

Favorite North Carolina Parks
Latta Park
Freedom Park
McDowell Nature Preserve
Reedy Creek
Rankin Lake
Bradley Center
Martha Rivers
Raven Rock


Here is several great picnic ideas & a list of items to bring

More Picnic ideas


Here is a great chart to help us get start with bird watching

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