In Focus

Welcome to In Focus! This weekly series is all about becoming stronger, wiser, healthier, happier & better. There will be new posts each week on these 5 focuses; Attitude Of Gratitude, Positively Proactive, Fruitage Of The Spirit, Imitate Their Faith & Focused Friday. I’m just getting started out (10/2015) with this brand new series, so please check back soon to see more posts. To check out articles written on these topics click on the pictures below.


Attitude of gratitude - logoOn Monday, I get the week started out with my heart in the right place. Reflective, grateful & keeping it real.



On Tuesday’s I focus on positively moving forward, not letting yesterday’s blues drag me down & work toward growth & self improvement.



Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faith, Mildness, Self Control. On Wednesday’s, I explore areas I can put these qualities to work in everyday life.


Imitate their faith - logo

There are many women & men of faith mentioned in the Bible who led interesting lives and are beautiful examples of faith. Every week I will be sharing points that I enjoyed learning from my Bible study.


Focused Friday-logo

My day to get with it, stick with it & get ready for it. Re-focus, Re-fuel & Re-engage. Let’s go!

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