Health & Self Improvement

Articles that where written to enlighten, inspire & motivate a healthier, happier life.

Healthy Living

Self Improvement & Personal Growth

Beauty & Personal Care

Here is a playlist for some of our favorite videos on health, beauty,  nutrition & fitness

All information on this blog is cataloged here so that we may be able to reference it later. It is based on our research & what we have found to be useful. It is not meant to diagnose or treat medical disorders. If you are experiencing any health related issues, please see a doctor.

We are thankful to the owners of these videos. They have presented information that has been educational & helpful! The videos shown on this blog are meant to be shared & do not violate copyright laws. For more information please see You Tube Terms of Service – article 6 c.  This can be found at

Because this is a free blogging service, sometimes the blog provider will place ads on some pages within your blog. Although, we understand the blog provider’s need to generate revenue from ads,these ads do not necessarily reflect our views or what we consider to be appropriate. 


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