For The Garden


Gardening has always seemed overwhelming to me. To make me feel more we have a HUGE yard! So when we have the money for it, where do we start?

Well, I realized it’s just like anything else I want to do. I have to learn about first. Then get ideas & turn them into designs & plans. So when I thought of it that way, it wasn’t so scary anymore. Now I have several ideas that I know will work & I have several links here to help me with the process.

Here’s a list of my favorite trees, bushes, grasses & flowers

I have to have these flowers – Tulips, Day Lilies, Gerber Daisies, Hollyhock, Allium,  Blue Salvia

Must have trees –  Apple, Pecan, Dogwood, Cherry, Windmill Palm, Maple, Japanese Maple

Beautiful grasses &  bushes – Burning Bush, Lemon Grass, Japanese Maiden grass, Pink Muhly Grass, Lavender, Rosemary, Red Japanese Barberry Hedge, Liliac, St. John’s Wort, Butterfly Bush, Summer Sweet


Helpful links for design ideas & yard accessories

Landscaping plans & projects

How to grow a perinniel garden year by year

Garden Accessories

Outdoor Table with a large Terra Cotta Pot & Saucer

22 different container gardens

Closet doors used for screening

Patio screen & bench

Outdoor decor ideas

New ideas for old doors



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