Mental Strength = Physical Strength

After a few weeks of bad habits and no exercise I definitely feel more stressed. In the beginning, I just tell myself that I'm tired and I need a little break from my routine. Well,that little break usually turns into about a month, in which time my overall activity level drops, I lack motivation to … Continue reading Mental Strength = Physical Strength


In Focus: August 12th 2015

Today's Top 5 in 5 A simple workout designed to quickly start the day off right & to warm up the body & make it ready for deep breathing & stretching exercises. Each excerise is done for 1 minute with no break in between each excerise. *Jogging in place, Lunges, Butterfly Extensions, Jogging in place, Crunches* Wow … Continue reading In Focus: August 12th 2015

The Siberian Express Blows In & Our Plumbing Woes Continue

The cold came in by a system dubbed the Siberian Express. It is widespread & has affected large parts of the country. This morning, In New York City it was -11 degrees & even in the state of Kentucky it was about the same. Interestingly, even in southern states you can see fountains of water … Continue reading The Siberian Express Blows In & Our Plumbing Woes Continue