Mental Strength = Physical Strength

After a few weeks of bad habits and no exercise I definitely feel more stressed. In the beginning, I just tell myself that I'm tired and I need a little break from my routine. Well,that little break usually turns into about a month, in which time my overall activity level drops, I lack motivation to … Continue reading Mental Strength = Physical Strength

How can I be grateful if I don’t grow?

The anniversary of Jesus Christ sacrifice is more sobering every year as a deeper realization sets into my mind. What would my future be if Jesus did not make this ultimate sacrifice? How can I show that I appreciate what he did for me? Will I make decisions everyday that prove that I am grateful? … Continue reading How can I be grateful if I don’t grow?

A rainbow, clouds & a beautiful sunset

I was filled with a calm joy as I saw these beautiful images in the sky. I was reminded that If we are grateful, our hearts are open to acknowledge the beauty this is right before us. *Any ads on this page are randomly placed here by the blog provider & do not necessarily reflect … Continue reading A rainbow, clouds & a beautiful sunset

Fun food for theme parties

Make it special!  Research, plan, make it happen! Build memories that propel you forward & leave joy in your heart. Here are some unique ideas for future entertaining that I definitely want to try. Click on the links below to see pictures of these unique ideas. Movie night idea Pizza Bar Taco Bar Ice cream party Vintage … Continue reading Fun food for theme parties

In Focus: August 12th 2015

Today's Top 5 in 5 A simple workout designed to quickly start the day off right & to warm up the body & make it ready for deep breathing & stretching exercises. Each excerise is done for 1 minute with no break in between each excerise. *Jogging in place, Lunges, Butterfly Extensions, Jogging in place, Crunches* Wow … Continue reading In Focus: August 12th 2015

Girls Only: Ideas For Memorable Parties, Trips & Outings

I relish the thought of getting together with my best friends & laughing, telling stories, staying up late and acting like young girls who have not come to understand the stresses of life. This time does not come around often, maybe once or twice a year, but, when it does it breathes life back into my existence. Themed parties & outings Art Studio … Continue reading Girls Only: Ideas For Memorable Parties, Trips & Outings

Oxytocin May Help Build Long-Lasting Love

Oxytocin is made in the brain & released into the blood stream. It's widely called the love hormone because it promotes the feelings of trust, relaxation & intimacy. Here are some interesting articles that explore this amazing hormone.

The Siberian Express Blows In & Our Plumbing Woes Continue

The cold came in by a system dubbed the Siberian Express. It is widespread & has affected large parts of the country. This morning, In New York City it was -11 degrees & even in the state of Kentucky it was about the same. Interestingly, even in southern states you can see fountains of water … Continue reading The Siberian Express Blows In & Our Plumbing Woes Continue

Making your marriage stronger

Meeting The Unique Needs Of Your Spouse Just as a baby gets cranky when it's passed time to eat or sleep, we get cranky when our needs aren't met. After several years of marriage I can tell you a funny story or two about unmet needs! It's funny how a petty squabble usually stems from something … Continue reading Making your marriage stronger

Personal Contentment

Is contentment attainable? Sometimes it can be a challenge to be content especially when we hit a difficult patch with our health, family, friends or finances. By being grateful all the time - even for the little things, especially the little things, we can conquer the woes of discontent when hard times hit. Having a broad view of life … Continue reading Personal Contentment

a note to self – did you workout today?

I think I'm starting to feel the winter time blues. I realized I had not done my workout for today. I put the music on blast & went for it. Ironically,  a song called "Summertime" came on. I started to smile as I thought of the suns rays & how my workout would have me … Continue reading a note to self – did you workout today?