Mental Strength = Physical Strength

After a few weeks of bad habits and no exercise I definitely feel more stressed. In the beginning, I just tell myself that I'm tired and I need a little break from my routine. Well,that little break usually turns into about a month, in which time my overall activity level drops, I lack motivation to … Continue reading Mental Strength = Physical Strength


Tips for a successful fall challenge

1) Print out, post & use the fall challenge schedule & the tracking sheet. This will help you stay committed to the challenge & make you feel good as you see your progress. 2) This challenge was created to motivate & inspire. Don't get discouraged if you are not able to finish one of the … Continue reading Tips for a successful fall challenge

Meal Planning & Your Health

Meal planning is a very important ingredient in a healthy lifestyle. When you don't plan ahead you are likely to eat junk food on the go or whip up some quick, unhealthy concoction at home. On top of that, I think we all go through periods of time when we need inspiration for cooking. I personally … Continue reading Meal Planning & Your Health

The Fall Challenge Is Here!

As fall approaches & the feeling in the air changes, I'm more and more excited about what the season will hold. More importantly, I'm looking forward to the period of renewal & energy that a new season can bring. This fall challenge is about keeping things fresh, moving forward & making positive choices. This challenge … Continue reading The Fall Challenge Is Here!

May Fitness Challenge

So far this month, I have been doing this fitness challenge & I love it! It's fast moving, I don't get bored & I've gotten a great work out before you know it...Workout schedule as follows: Monday, Thursday & Saturday = Cardio Blast Tuesday  & Friday = Full Body Fitness Challenge Wednesday = Abdominals Sunday … Continue reading May Fitness Challenge

Helping Kids Deal With Anxiety?

There seems to always be some kind of stressor in our life. Once you've fought one battle you have to brace up for the next one. Just like adults, kids have a lot of different things weighing on their minds. I appreciated the wise advice in this article "How can I cope with anxiety?" to help … Continue reading Helping Kids Deal With Anxiety?

a note to self – did you workout today?

I think I'm starting to feel the winter time blues. I realized I had not done my workout for today. I put the music on blast & went for it. Ironically,  a song called "Summertime" came on. I started to smile as I thought of the suns rays & how my workout would have me … Continue reading a note to self – did you workout today?

Positive Thinking

How Can You Be Positive When Negativity is Everywhere? It is hard to stay positive when faced with difficulties. In addition to that we may be prone to negative thinking because of our emotions & experiences in life. However, a negative attitude can cause all sorts of problems within ourselves and with others.  To have a … Continue reading Positive Thinking

Is your blood pressure too high?

What is High Blood Pressure Blood pressure is determined by the amount of blood your heart pumps and the amount of resistance to blood flow in your arteries. The more blood your heart pumps and the narrower your arteries the higher your blood pressure will be. Understanding the numbers Knowing your blood pressure is important … Continue reading Is your blood pressure too high?

Improve energy & cognitive function with a good night’s sleep

   It's no secret that most of us are sleep deprived and it certainly comes with consequences. We are depressed more frequently, less productive overall & are not motivated to set goals & reach out to attain them. True, psychological factors may also exist in our personal lives that hold us back. However, when we … Continue reading Improve energy & cognitive function with a good night’s sleep