Self Examination

The anniversary of Jesus Christ sacrifice is more sobering every year as a deeper realization sets into my mind. What would my future be if Jesus did not make this ultimate sacrifice? How can I show that I appreciate what he did for me? Will I make decisions everyday that prove that I am grateful? Do i live with a positive attitude that would show my gratitude?

One thing that helps me is to examine my motives & inner most thoughts. By doing this, I’m able to see why I make the choices I do. Then, I can examine them against what kind of person Jesus was. I can see where to give myself a pat on the back or a kick in the pants. So much of this is about growth. We have much to learn & much to improve on. When we see adjustments we need to make & are willing to make those changes, we can feel sure that Jehovah is proud of us & that we are living gratefully of Jesus sacrifice.


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