True loyalty does not fade over time

I found this post from a few months ago. I thought wow that was some encouraging information we went over in the “Draw Close” book, so I’m still going to post it.

This week’s lesson of the ” Draw close to Jehovah” book is heartening. I found the scriptures in this lesson to be encouraging & outstanding reminders that if we are loyal to God – he is loyal to us. At Psalms 37:28 we see that Jehovah is a great protector to those that loyally listen to him. It says; “For Jehovah loves justice, And he will not abandon his loyal ones. They will always be guarded; But the descendants of the wicked will be done away with.”

I also enjoyed hearing how he feels even once we have grown old in Isaiah 46:4 where he says ” Until you grow old I will be the same; Until your hair is gray I will keep bearing you. As I have done; I will carry you and bear you and rescue you”. This scripture shows us that God’s loyalty is long-lasting, it is not fickle, it does not change. This lesson in loyalty is also a great example for us to follow in our relationships with family and friends.

This is truly one of my favorite books because it helps us to see how we can really have a relationship with God. It describes in detail some of his most outstanding qualites & abilites and helps you to have a deeper appreciation for him. If you want to read it or listen to an audio version you can click here – Draw Close To Jehovah


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