Chinese Sentence Structure

This can get pretty complicated but I have come across a few formulas for basic sentences. Including the most basic Subject +Verb+Object formula. With S + V + O you can only create simple sentences. When you add more details to a sentence, the sentence structure begins to change dramatically & you become subject to additional grammar rules. Here are the basic formulas I have come across & a few example sentences.

Now, after S+ V+ O – the least most uncomplicated formula I have come across is….

Subject + When + Where +How + Action

If your sentence requires more details then this, the next formula might work….

Subject + Time + Manner + Place + Negative + Auxiliary Verb + Verb + Complement + Object

These are still only basic word orders & are only guidelines. These formulas do not work for every sentence & that is why studying Chinese Grammar rules is necessary. For a basic overview of Chinese Grammar, please see

Here is an example of Subject + When + Where +How + Action

I tomorrow at the library with Lily study Chinese.

Yoyo Chinese Grammar Lesson 2

Yoyo Chinese Grammar Lesson 3

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