Chinese Pinyin

 The Chinese language uses characters to form sounds, words sounds and sentences. So, how do you discern what a character sounds like?

The Chinese language does not have an alphabet. This is one of the factors that makes Chinese such a difficult language for foreigners to learn. Hence  in the 1950s, Pinyin, (Hanyu Pinyin) what developed as the official phonetic system of Mandarin Chinese and is taught in Chinese schools. This has greatly increased the literacy rate in China. You see, learning Chinese is not only difficult for foreigners but it is also difficult for the Chinese people as well. For more information on Pinyin go this website

Here, you will can find simple tools, links & explanations to help you begin learning conversational Chinese Pinyin. We are not claiming this research to be definitive, but rather, a quick & helpful overview of Chinese Pinyin.

Learning Pinyin, allows you to think and speak in the Chinese language – but not read it. Learning pinyin is not the same as learning Mandarin Chinese because Mandarin Chinese is written in… characters.

Pinyin, is still an entirely new complicated language. The grammar rules can be tricky. After learning Pinyin one would be more prepared to learn Chinese characters.

Great Wall of China

Learning Pinyin is complicated at times, but you have to remember that you are investing in a long term goal. You must also have reasonable expectations and have your goal clearly fixed in mind. If not, you will get extremely frustrated. Our goal and purpose for learning pinyin, is to share the Bible’s message of comfort and hope with others. It is already become a very rewarding and worthwhile endeavor!

We have found several effective ways to learn Pinyin; Online classes, audio recordings, internet research, YouTube videos, downloadable apps from the Android Play Store and of course our continuous Bible study in English and then in Chinese. We’ve also found very helpful because we can listen to and follow along with native speakers. All you have to do is click the drop down box where it says English and select Mandarin Chinese.

the buck garden in new jersay

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