Summer faded into fall

Summer gradually faded into fall. Now my thoughts have filled with all the things I want to do this fall -winter season.

With the sun & warmth quickly slipping away, we are switching our focus to indoor projects & hobbies that we haven’t taken up in a while. We are within the first week of the fall challenge & feel stronger already. It’s a great feeling & now we need to maintain it! A friend started teaching us how to paint. I definitely want to get back to that. I also just learned how easy & fun decoupage projects are so I’m going to find a few decoupage projects to start this season.

Next, my thoughts go to my wonderfully warm winter wardrobe. I have some styling outfits I cant wait to put on! But, what I look forward to most, is the feeling of a hot cup of brewing tea in between my hands while having interesting conversations with friends. Love those tea dates!

There is one thing that makes this fall especially significant. October 28th is an important day for me. It marks 5 years from the time of my brain surgery. Much changed about my life. I didn’t feel like I knew myself or what to do with myself. I was a mess – for a long time -but I never stopped trying to figure things out. I had to fight to get to a place of peace, inner calm & acceptance. Sometimes I felt as if I would never get there. But now, I’m starting to enjoy my life again. So…fall 2015 here I come!


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