Is Belief In A Creator Realistic

Most of us appreciate variety & even get bored without it. The beauty of our earth with it’s many varieties of plants, animals, foods & cultures are fascinating. Our planet earth is self sustaining with elements & processes like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, gravity, season changes & more. Yet, there are more wonderful things to appreciate. What about our bodies & all the processes that are automatically happening right now? These things didn’t just happen by chance or by some accident. It is clear to us that we have a creator that cares about us.

The Bible doesn’t just give us a title to call him such as God or Lord, but the Bible tells us his name is Jehovah. Just knowing he has a personal name can make us want to get to know him better. (Psalms 83:18) Listening to Jehovah has always benefited us & added meaning to our life. (Isaiah. 48:17 & 18).

Humans get credit for designs they have copied from nature, so who should get credit for the originals?

This video –Belief In God was made for a teenage audience but I still found it thought provoking & enjoyed watching it.

I also enjoyed reading this brochure – Was Life Created. The beautiful photographs are captivating & the points brought out in the brochure are reasoned on thouroghly. I hope you get a chance to read it.


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