My favorite Health & Fitness Apps

With the upcoming fall challenge, I’m doing something I meant to do sometime ago…do my homework on apps I could use to help motivate me to stick to my health & fitness goals. These are my favorites so far because they are intuitive & easy to use…

  • Spark People App – Has an easy to use calorie tracker with an extensive database of foods. If the food is not listed you can create your own entry. You can also save your foods in favorites so you can get to them easily. As you make food entries, it automatically totals your calories for the day & tells you how many calories you have remaining to meet your daily goals. I love this feature. It helps me stay accountable, really appreciate my meals & not to snack mindlessly. You can also log & track your activities & workouts. There is also a chat and blog feature so you can reach out to others to stay motivated & share your goals, challenges & accomplishments.
  • Pump Up App – This is definitely a social media app for tracking health & fitness goals. You can post & view many types of health & fitness photo & selfies. This app provides a workout feature with several workouts to choose from. When you choose a workout, you will see a fitness list & each activity comes along with a video instructor, which is great to provide you with motivation. There is also a place to log your workout activity if you did your own thing.
  • Sworkit App – I like this app because you can choose to workout for as little as 5 minutes and all exercises are using your own body weight. That’s great if you don’t have a lot of equipment at home or you are on the go. There are several pre created workouts you can choose from or you can customize your own workout.  If you customize your own workout, you get to choose the exercises you want and don’t want.

Well these are some of my favorites. I hope you find something that works for you.


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