Tips for a successful fall challenge

1) Print out, post & use the fall challenge schedule & the tracking sheet. This will help you stay committed to the challenge & make you feel good as you see your progress.

2) This challenge was created to motivate & inspire. Don’t get discouraged if you are not able to finish one of the workouts. Keep working out everyday. Even if you can only handle 5 minutes then do 5 minutes. Your stamina, strength & motivation will increase over time so stay consistent & you will feel better & be happier!

3) Get a notebook or journal so you can record your assignments & thoughts on how well you did.

4) Learn what reading material, website’s and apps motivate you to live a healthy life. Here are some blogs & websites that inspire, educate & motivate me and here are some apps that have helped me stay on track

5) Meal planning is such a chore sometimes but it keeps us from pigging out or making poor food selections. Try to take time out on the assigned day to make meal planning a part of your weekly routine. I’m going to be working on this myself. Check out this blog post to help you with your meal planning.

6) If you don’t have a Pinterest account now’s the time to get one. You can create vision boards for healthy eating & meal planning, fitness motivation, positive thinking & much more! This can go along way to keeping you motivated to stick to your goals.


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