Meal Planning & Your Health

Meal planning is a very important ingredient in a healthy lifestyle. When you don’t plan ahead you are likely to eat junk food on the go or whip up some quick, unhealthy concoction at home. On top of that, I think we all go through periods of time when we need inspiration for cooking. I personally find that I want to stop cooking all together if I get into a food rut. Pinterst has helped me with that because it is easy to become visually inspired to try new recipes. Meal planning will be part of the fall 2015 health challenge & I look forward to taking the time to step up my game in this area! Click here for a simple weekly-meal-planner.

In addition to Pinterest, I also like to search the web for recipes. On the flip side, that can be overwhelming. There are a plethora of food blogs out there. Tons!! Including mine. There are many that have fresh ideas, and that are easy to navigate but there are also many that have lots of pop up ad’s, are hard to navigate & don’t offer any healthy recipes. The sites below are my favorites because they offer a wide range of foods & styles & are easy to navigate. This list is not numbered in order according to least to greatest.

  1. foodiecrush
  2. thekitchn
  3. simplyrecipes
  4. rasamalaysia
  5. skinnytaste
  6. kalynskitchen
  7. smittenkitchen
  8. thesalt
  9. thepioneerwoman
  10. cookieandkate

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