The Fall Challenge Is Here!

As fall approaches & the feeling in the air changes, I’m more and more excited about what the season will hold. More importantly, I’m looking forward to the period of renewal & energy that a new season can bring. This fall challenge is about keeping things fresh, moving forward & making positive choices.

Focus of challenge

This challenge is perfect for those of us who have been slacking on our good habits but engaging enough for those who just want to add a boost to their health and fitness routine.

Fitness Challenges Weekly Schedule

Click on the links below for daily You Tube workouts

Sunday’s – Hiking or Walking  

 Monday’s –  Total Body Training  

Tuesday’s – Awesome Ab’s 

Wednesday’s  – Booty Blaster   

Thursday’s – Upper Body Boot Camp    

  Friday’s – Strong & Lean Leg Workout 

Saturday’s –  Hiking or Walking     

Tracking Sheet

Print this tracking sheet to see your progress 

  For tips on meal planning click here

For motivating reading material click here


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