In Focus: August 12th 2015


Today’s Top 5 in 5

A simple workout designed to quickly start the day off right & to warm up the body & make it ready for deep breathing & stretching exercises. Each excerise is done for 1 minute with no break in between each excerise.

*Jogging in place, Lunges, Butterfly Extensions, Jogging in place, Crunches*

Wow I got like only 2 hours of sleep last night. I was depressed (as I am when I don’t sleep well) & unmotivated when I got up.This little workout gave me some pep & then I enjoyed my stretches for about 20 minutes.

Happier, healthier, stronger, wiser

Have you noticed that sometimes we don’t notice our own preferences in some matters? For instance, I realized a few days ago that my favorite way to exercise is on an exercise mat with bare feet. Now I do enjoy doing high intensity interval training and you definitely need your tennis shoes for that! Still I find that I enjoy my workout most, not while listening to fast techno pop, but with relaxing nature sounds & videos on & exercise mat in my bare feet. When we find what suits us, we are more content and able to be consistent and stick with it.

It’s the little things

My husband changed the screen saver on his tablet. It was of a recent picture of me & his dad on a family trip. He said “I just wanted to be reminded of my family”. I thought that was so sweet, but it has even greater signifance for me. In 2010, I had brain surgery & it left the right side of my face completely paralyzed. Many times, my husband has consoled me & helped me to see that he loves me for me. When I saw that he selected a recent picture & not one from my former days it was a moment of healing for me!




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