2015 Regional Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Its time for the convention!

Throughout our lives we our faced with many challenges. Some can be very strenous & make you feel like the difficulty is never going to pass. But every year we have our conventions to look forward to. They help to strengthen our faith & regain a sharper focus and they seem to come right on time! They truly are refeshing, helping you get from where you are in life, to where you want to be a little easier. Our conventions are open to the public and free of charge. If you want to find true happiness, be refreshed & have a meaningful relationship with God you will love the convention! This year, I am really looking forward to the theme “Imitate Jesus”. We will learn how we can be happier & benefit ourselves by following the example of Jesus. There are always interesting dramas & demonstrations to help us understand the points being presented & it really makes you stop and think. For more informarion & to find a convention near you, please see the links below.

Find A Convention Near You

Convention Program

A video clip of our conventions

See this link to find out why Jehovah’s Witnesses attend large conventions


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