Girls Only: Ideas For Memorable Parties, Trips & Outings

Friends Photographing Themselves

I relish the thought of getting together with my best friends & laughing, telling stories, staying up late and acting like young girls who have not come to understand the stresses of life. This time does not come around often, maybe once or twice a year, but, when it does it breathes life back into my existence.

Woman taking a picture of themselves

Themed parties & outings

Art Studio Night out
Fashion Finesse Party
Good Scents Fragrance Party
Poetry Party
Mini Golf Gala
Posh Picnic
Chocolate Fondue Party
Chocolate & coffee tasting
Girls Night in Scavenger Hunt
Alias Game

autumn fun

More parties & outings

January Planning Party
Accessory Swap
French wine & food fare
Wine tasting
Swanky, In Style BBQ
Book Swap
Crafting Party
How to club


Affordable Day Trips & Getaways

The zoo
A Winery
A concert or event
Local museum & lunch/dinner out
Meet at a tea/coffee shop
Meet for breakfast or brunch
Botanical Gardens
The Beach

Visit cities like…..

Asheville, Charleston, NYC, Miami, Savannah


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