The Siberian Express Blows In & Our Plumbing Woes Continue

Blue Ridge Parkway - North Carolina

The cold came in by a system dubbed the Siberian Express. It is widespread & has affected large parts of the country. This morning, In New York City it was -11 degrees & even in the state of Kentucky it was about the same. Interestingly, even in southern states you can see fountains of water in town squares frozen solid. Many roads are dangerous, schools closed & in some places power is out & city water lines are broken.  For us, this storm has come at a very tedious time…..

For a few weeks now, we have been in the midst of fixing a severe water leak that is costing us tons of money. We have had limited access to running water & use water for about an hour in the morning & two hours at night. The water is then shut off at the street to prevent the lose of water & the cost from piling up.

Subsequently new problems have come about.  After we cut the water off at the street the first time, we noticed we could not get water from the tub to have a bath or shower. So until we can get that fixed, we are filling up buckets with hot water, pour them into the tub & keep going with that until we have enough water to bathe.

To make matters even more difficult, the cold temperatures froze the water pipes to the washing machine, so the laundry is piling up. In addition, now we must heat water on the stove to bathe since the hot water pipes also froze in the kitchen.

I have learned a lot. I can better visualize the plight of those with a limited, distant & even unsafe water supply. I see how vital clean water is to life, health, safety & even convenience. I want to always be thankful for what I have, be grateful, generous & understanding. Life is easy for no one. On our hard days, we must remember that someone, somewhere is having it harder. It’s amazing how the scriptures can help you with your perspective & strength.

“Not that I am saying this because I’m in need, why I’ve learned to be self sufficient regardless of my circumstances. I know how to be low on provisions and how to have an abundance. In everything and in all circumstances I have learned the secret of both how to be full and how to hunger, both how to have an abundance and how to do without.” Philippians 4:11,12


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