Making your marriage stronger

Senior Couple At Home

Meeting The Unique Needs Of Your Spouse

Just as a baby gets cranky when it’s passed time to eat or sleep, we get cranky when our needs aren’t met. After several years of marriage I can tell you a funny story or two about unmet needs! It’s funny how a petty squabble usually stems from something deeper emotionally & it usually has to do with our unique individual needs not being met.

Try To Understand

Truly try to see where the other person is coming from. Notice the goals and desires of your mate and the experiences that have shaped him or her. Men and woman also have different perspectives and differences because of our unique physiology. We should seek to understand these differences as well as respect & accept each them. I know I have to work harder at this myself. Sometimes I do research to remind myself to be aware of my husband unique needs & how I can better support him.

Traits Needed For A Mutually Fulfilling Relationship

If you pay attention & are willing to do the work you can learn a lot about what works – and what doesn’t. I sure have! Many times, lessons are learned the hard way. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up, but we should keep on learning & growing. Here are a few things we’ve learned along the way……

…..Open communication is a must, pay attention & validate is others feelings, understand the needs, desires & limitations of your mate, mutual respect, controlling your emotions, acknowledge your weaknesses and work on them, don’t be a dream squasher, be realistic, don’t overload your mate with too much information at one time,  give your mate some space to enjoy personal activities without you……

I benefited from reading this publication    Your Family Can Be Happy”


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