Finding The Funny

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Humor – a valuable tool

We’ve seen some difficult times! Laughing and being silly when times are stressful goes a long way to lighten our mood. Many times we can take ourselves too seriously and the stress just seems to pile up from there. Not only can humor lighten our mood, but it can even make tense situations with others more comfortable. What a valuable tool humor can be!

Being funny does come naturally to some, but when you talk to and observe funny people, there is more to their game than natural ability alone. Here’s some things funny people do……

 Finding the funny side of life

Learn from funny people.  Keep a note of some of the funnier things people say or do. And think about what you find funny in these people.

Remember the most embarrassing moments in your life & use them to be funny.

Being humble & self-deprecating can lighten the mood & contribute to a great joke!

When you want to share something humorous, use good timing. If the funny moment passes by, the subject is no longer funny or relevant.

Broaden your knowledge about life & people. This gives you more to work with.

Observe the general attitude of places & people and make comparisons & jokes about the irony.

Think of the things that make you laugh.  Make a note of them & write down how you can use them to make other people laugh.

Think deeply on why things make you laugh. Understanding that will help you to tell better jokes.

Listen carefully to others so you know what they find funny.

Look for the humor in everyday situations.

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