Jump start your journal writing or blogging


Quick tips for better writing

  • Pick a subject & then ask myself, what helped shape my view of this subject.
  • Be on the lookout for interesting topics to write about & write them down when they come to mind.
  • Identify the best time of day for writing and when you could be the most inspired.
  • Writing is a very personal experience, so be yourself. Don’t censor yourself with fears or self consciousness.

    Interesting things to write about……

Favorite Subjects

  • Benefits of living by Bible principles, marriage, personal growth, fitness, healthy diet, motivation, gratitude, thoughts about research, current world events, inspirational quotes


  • Write about an unexpected compliment or moment.
  • Memorable food experiences.
  • What did I enjoy doing this week?
  • What did I learn this week?
  • What is the funniest thing that happened this week?

From the heart

  • Dear past me…..
  • Dear future me…..
  • Happy Memories
  • Three things you can’t go without
  • Three things you would do if you weren’t afraid
  • Things that annoy you
  • Things you love
  • What young me would like about me now
  • My favorite quotes
  • The most surprised I’ve ever been….
  • The most fun I’ve ever had …
  • Words of wisdom from those I love


  • What would my perfect day be like?
  • What amazing adventure do I wish to go on?
  • If I could become an expert at any activity or subject what would it be and why?
  • What would my perfect day be like?

 Goals & Accomplishments

  • Personal accomplishments
  • My most important goals & other things I wish to accomplish
  • What did I do this week that moved me closer to accomplishing my goals?

Visual Writing Prompts……

Preload 06

  • Go through magazines and clip out things that you would like to write about or pictures the give you creative inspiration.
  • Look through photographs and choose a few to write about.
  • Buy used art books and use the images to inspire & motivate.

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