Have A Relaxing Spa Day At Home

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A home spa day is relaxing but it can also be fun as you try out new techniques, products & beauty recipes. Creating a relaxing spa day is not hard, you just have to do a little planning. Here is a list of things to help plan the perfect spa day.


  • Make an appointment on your calendar for your spa day so you can plan it & be excited for it.
  • A clean & tidy space & No phone calls, email, text or TV
  • A new book you have been waiting to start reading
  • Relaxing music & candle light for a soft mellow mood
  • Some thing worn only on occasions but very comfortable or your favorite robe or PJs.

Food Options – make ahead

  • Green drink, smoothie or fruit infused water
  • Light appetizers served on a tray for convenience
  • Dark chocolate
  • Fruit salad
  • Almonds & other protein rich foods

Tools, products & beauty recipes

  • Tub for a foot soak
  • Nail polish, nail file, nail clippers
  • Paper towels, q tips & cotton balls you
  • Hair scrunchy or clips to keep hair out of face
  • Clay mask
  • Loofah, body brush, or body gloves
  • Blanket, pillows & towels
  • Soft Eye mask
  • Massage table (optional, of course)
  • Beauty recipes

All information on this blog is cataloged here so that we may be able to reference it later. It is based on our research & what we have found to be useful. It is not meant to diagnose or treat medical disorders. If you are experiencing any health related issues, please see a doctor.

Because this is a free blogging service, sometimes the blog provider will place ads on some pages within your blog. Although, we understand the blog provider’s need to generate revenue from ads, these ads do not necessarily reflect our views or what we consider to be appropriate.



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