Resilient Despite Hardship

Its amazing to me, how resilient people can be, especially when they have something to hope for. For example, in 2013, the Philippines experienced the deadliest Typhoon in their history. As for this picture, I don’t know this young boy’s story. Maybe he is one of the fortunate & didn’t lose his home or family members that day. In any case, chances are, he & his loved ones do feel its affects in their everyday lives.


In spite of traumatic events like this, Jehovah’s Witnesses still go out to tell people of a bright future ahead as promised in the Holy Scriptures. We do this because we love people and want to help them find the peace and comfort we have found. Examples like this, encourage me to be resilient through my trials & to keep sharing the Bible’s comforting message with others. This video shows some of the relief effort that took place in the Philippines. It was truly & eye opener.



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