Games & Activities For Kids

Girl Playing with Hula Hoop

Classic Children’s Games

Musical Chairs, Simon Says, Egg & spoon relay, Three Legged race,Sack Races, Obstacle Course, Dodge Ball, Kickball, Wiffle Ball, Water Balloon Toss, Red light – Green Light, Softball Game, Basketball, Volleyball


Bunny Hop Relay Race – Played with 2 or more equal teams/ Place half of each team at the starting line. Place the other half of each team at the 2nd half of the race. This 2nd half of the race is also a turning point. The player that leaves the starting line must hop to the player at the 2nd relay point & pass the baton. This continues until all players have relayed. The winning team gets his final player over the start/finish line first.

 Fire Fighters Relay Race – Played with 2 or more equal teams. A bucket or bowl is filled with 6 cups of water in front of each team. Each player must fill his cups with as much water as possible & then run to an empty bowl & pour his water in. The team with the most water at the finish line wins

 Hurry Waiter Relay Race – Played with 2 or more equal teams. Balance a tennis ball on a plastic plate without dropping it. The team that finishes the race first wins.

Zany Obstacle Course Relay –Here are a few obstacles, challenges or stunts you could use to create your own fun obstacle course.

Keeping a hat or other item on while running, carrying an armful of water balloons, eggs or other items without dropping them, using whip cream or some other edible substance that players must navigate with their mouth to find the prize & move on to the next challenge. Use Hula hoops, jumping jacks or some other physical challenge that must be completed before moving to next obstacle. For additional physical challenges you could try, crawling under a rope, jumping over or under objects, Jump cones without touching them or running in between cones – w/o knocking off a ball. Adding something silly that will have everyone laughing is a great way to go, such as, barking like dogs, crowing like roosters, or arms flapping while hopping on one foot. This will catch the attention: have players run to a bucket of soapy water or gross, gooey, yucky liquid & pull out a tennis ball or other item.

Obstacle course set up & rules

You can set the obstacle course up so that you have 3 or more identical “lanes” so you have players competing against each other at the same time. You will need the same supplies & set up for each lane. You will need someone watching the kids at the beginning of the course & someone at the end to determine a winner. If you have less space to work with you can just create one obstacle course, sending one child through at a time. You would mark the completion time on a tracking sheet & declare a winner after everyone has gone through the obstacle course. If player does not complete obstacle correctly he must continue trying until he does, then he can move to next obstacle.


Search & find Games

 Treasure hunt – make a series of clues. Create teams, give each team the clues, the final clue should be the same for all players in order to lead them to the right spot.

 Scavenger Hunt & Magazine Scavenger hunt – players must locate everything on the list

 Puzzle Hunt – Players are given a piece of the puzzle. They must then find a piece that fits their piece. In their hunt, they must leave puzzle pieces where they found them so that other players have a chance to make a match.

 Hunt the key – To Play: Pick 1 hunter
Game Play: There is one hunter & a group sitting in a circle. The hunter counts to ten & the group passes the key. The group continues to pass the key while the hunter tries to figure out who has it.

 Hot & Cold – Hide & an object from the hunter. Players must guide the hunter to the prize by saying phrases like your getting warmer or your getting colder.

More games……

Whipped Cream Delight – player must find & grab items under a mound of whipped cream with their mouth

Strike a pose dancing games – Game Play: when the music stops players must hold their last pose & not move again until the music starts. Any players still moving are out.

Girls Spraying Each Other While Washing Dog


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