Long term outcome after traumatic brain injury

Understanding, Acceptance & Adjustment

There have been many harsh changes that I struggle to accept. I was able to plan, organize & multi task without getting stressed. Now simple tasks like grocery shopping, doing dishes, cooking & making the bed are overwhelming. That has been a hard concept to understand let alone accept. I was always gregarious & hosted many parties, gatherings & outings – now I’m shy. Now, I don’t attend parties or gatherings. The many sounds are overwhelming & the conversations are intimidating because I can’t keep up with the flow of information coming at me. It has taken time for me to put a name to a face and understand what it is I must accept. Now, with time, I am getting more clarity. I’m beginning to understand that no matter how proactive I am at finding solutions to the challenges I face I will come against barriers that I cannot pass. That has been extremely frustrating & in my eyes impossible to understand. I feel that if I do the work, the “right” things will fall into place. With time & extreme diligence I am hitting some of the same walls and this is where genuine acceptance must come in or I will dry myself crazy with unrealistic expectations. I must make the appropriate adjustments in order to be happy and successful.

Slow information processing causes social anxiety

This article makes an interesting point and one that I can completely relate too. I used to looked forward to social interaction. Now it frightens me. This article helped me to understand why I have such difficulty in social situations.

“Regardless of the age of the patient, it is the changes in cognition and behaviour that represent the greatest burden to families after a traumatic brain injury. Difficulties with social skills may arise from deficiencies in self monitoring and social judgment. Morris et al found that avoidance of social contact may be partly due to the injured person’s inability to keep up with conversation as a result of slowed information processing, which in turn creates social anxiety.”

Read full article here   http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1315633

Through this process I been having difficulty handling my emotions constructively. The articles below remind me of simple techniques to use when I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the changes to my life.

7 things mindful people do


Coping with overwhelming emotions


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Accepting absolutely everything


Overwhelmed? These 6 strategies may help



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