What happens at a Kingdom Hall

Every week, all around the world people come together to worship at places called Kingdom Halls. The meetings are open to the public and no collections are ever taken. In addition to a public talk & the weekly Watchtower there is also ongoing training in public speaking. This video shows people of various races and backgrounds meeting together peacefully at Kingdom Halls all over the world. This video shows just a sample of people from Malawi, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea & the United States. Please watch the video “What happens at a Kingdom Hall”.

Many people ask “why is your place of worship called a Kingdom Hall?” To answer that simply, the theme running through the Bible is that of God’s kingdom. While on earth Jesus regularly spoke of this kingdom and told his followers to pray for God’s kingdom to come. Why did Jesus tell us to pray for God’s Kingdom to come?  It will be God’s kingdom that will bring about peaceful conditions for all mankind. We look forward to the fulfillment of these promises and we therefore call places of worship Kingdom Halls.

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