2014 Regional Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses

This is one of many multi- cultural International Conventions held in several countries around the world. This year, at our regional convention in Raleigh, NC, we were tied in to nearby Atlanta where they were hosting an international convention the same weekend. There were brothers & sisters from Russia, Ukraine, Japan & many other countries around the world. We received video transmission from Atlanta & got to enjoy some of the international flavor too. This convention will be presented in several states in the US & around the world throughout the year.  We worship one God – Jehovah and our beliefs are in harmony with each other & the Bible. No fighting, no sects. It feels amazing to be a part of this beautiful international family.

These conventions are timely & encouraging. The parts presented help us to be stronger Christians and have a better understanding of the Bible. Several parts also help us to cope with the pressures & problems we face in today’s challenging world. One more thing I really appreciate, is that these conventions show us how we can be truly happy now & in the future.


Thank you for visiting this page & better yet, check out this video “Why Study the Bible” . I really enjoyed this video. In just 3 and a half minutes the video gives compelling reasons why an honest & in depth study of the Bible is so important.

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