Learning Chinese – 1 Year Anniversary

After the meeting, Joel and I went out in service. We had a quick field service question so I grabbed my Chinese notebook and looked it up. The note I was looking for was actually written when we visited the Chinese group for the first time. Surprisingly, the date on the note is June 29th 2013. Today is our first year anniversary!

We all have our own personal reasons for the goals we choose. For us, we are learning conversational Chinese because we want to share the Bible’s message of hope and good news to the Chinese people in our area and anywhere else we may go. Everyone, everywhere, deserves to hear the good news found in the Bible. This is also what Jesus commanded his followers to do. At Matthew 24:14 and Matthew 28: 19 and 20 we see that Jesus gave his followers the command to go and preach the Good news of a better future. Many other scriptures in the Holy Bible also point out this responsibility for true Christians. We are grateful for this experience and are enjoying what we are learning! For more information on why this is so important to us, check out this video “Why study the Bible?”

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