Memorial of Christ Death on April 14th 2014 – in Chinese

This year we attended our first Memorial in Chinese. We had about 20 Chinese guests. One family that came, got the invitation the same day of the memorial! For many of our guests who come to the memorial it’s a totally new experience for them, so they may be a little apprehensive or nervous. But at the Chinese memorial our guests we’re extremely happy to be there with us & seemed to be at ease. They mingled & met various brothers & sisters from the Chinese group & they heartily sang Kingdom songs with us. We have some pretty fluent learners of Chinese in the group & our Chinese guests were naturally drawn toward them. However, what is so amazing & encouraging to us is that the Chinese people show that they appreciate that you are trying to learn their language. In fact, the older Chinese lady I was sitting beside complimented me on my singing. Now, although I wish I was a good singer – I am not! So, really I know she was giving me an A for effort & I’ll take that!

There are many productive ways we can serve our God Jehovah & put him first….but for us learning Chinese & taking Jehovah’s good news to the Chinese people is where our heart is.


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