Every breathing thing – let it praise Jah

This week in chapter 5 of the “Draw Close to Jehovah” book we are reviewing some truly fascinating details about God’s power & creative works. I was amazed to learn these details…

The Blue Whale may reach a weight up to that of 30 adult elephants. It’s tongue weighs as much as one elephant, it’s heart is the size of a small car & a child could actually crawl inside one of it’s blood vessels. 

Hummingbirds can flap their wings up to 80 times per second & their heart beat sometimes reaches 1,200 times per minute.

The atom is so powerful it can cause a nuclear explosion when it’s power is harnessed & unleashed. However, it is so tiny that a million atoms laid side by side would not even be as thick as a human hair.

Here’s one I had not given any thought to. Jupiter is a giant protector for our earth. It is more than ten times times the size of our earth & deflects objects that speed through space. If it wasn’t for Jupiter objects would be striking blows against the earth that would be 10,000 times more severe than at present. The earth could not survive that. These are truly compelling reasons to love Jehovah!

 ” Every breathing thing – let it praise Jah.”  -Psalms 150: 6

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