Live Your Best Life Everyday By Staying Focused

Welcome to Staying Focused Everyday where I share a positive & proactive approach to life. I started this blog to motivate myself to be strong & push past the challenges of life after brain surgery.

“In so many ways I was not the same person. I hated the confines of my new life. I didn’t have anything to give anymore. My life felt like it ended. I could have easily given in to that feeling.  But I knew that I must chose to stay focused & fight to build a new life for myself.”

“It’s important to me to stay engaged & focused on building a life that I love. I write in detail about motivation, gratitude, positive thinking, hobbies I enjoy & faith in the Bible; Qualities needed to live a happy, healthy life…..

Within our minds we have the ability to overcome our fears, power through obstacles & create endless opportunities for growth. Distraction is our enemy. Staying focused everyday is the challenge & the goal.

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